What does the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) mean for you?

Ever wonder how your work environment affects productivity and success? Ever wish your voice and opinion for improvement could be heard? Well, recently the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) released the timeline for a new and improved pilot version of the 2018 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) to better determine employee perception of their agencies’ workplace and where improvements can be made. Ultimately, the FEVS survey will strive to measure how work conditions across government agencies characterize success.

Set to be conducted over the course of two, six-week periods beginning the first week of May and ending in late June, the survey will extend its invitation to some full-time and part-time employees, stretching from permanent, non-seasonal employees of Departments and agencies large, small and independent.

Originally administered in 2002 as the Federal Human Capital Survey (FHCS), the survey continues to revise and evolve to better pinpoint areas of weakness and more actionable items. The adjustments for 2018 specifically include better clarification of its definitions used in the survey, clarity of item modifications to ensure the mentioned are truly actionable, and topics shown to be imperative for agency performance.

There’s no denying that work conditions, effective leadership, and company culture affect employee performance for the better or worse, which is why the OPM hopes to gather the results from the experiment and make future improvements to strengthen the survey to better learn how to help agencies reach their work goals.

The data collected will not affect the results of the current survey, and the results will be rolled out in mid-August. For additional details and results of previous FEVS survey, please visit www.opm.gov/fevs/. Here, you will also be able to determine how the data will be weighed and its analysis’ measured.

Source: www.opm.gov

MFN 49 (4/17/2018)

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